Clyde Alexander oli Tampereen Pyrinnön ensimmäinen amerikkalaisvahvistus ja hän pelasi Pyrinnön paidassa 1973-74, 75-78 ja auttoi nostamaan Pyrinnön mestaruussarjaan asti. Alexander innosti joukkuekavereitaan, valmensi junioreita sekä kävi säännöllisesti töissä. Alexanderin serkku on 1970-luvun New York Knicks-supertähti Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier. Alexander lähetti terveiset Pyrinnölle ja kertoo hieman mitä puuhailee nykypäivänä.


I am doing quite well  today


I am currently living in Madison Florida. I work at the North Florida Community College. I am director of the Schools Fitness program


I am not coaching but I  keep up with basketball  by doing camps and consulting  on the game and I run a summer league.


I have many  special memories of my stay in Finland.Erkki Perttu and Family set me up to have a prosperous time in Finland. I did not earn an NBA salary but I was Blessed to gain Life time friends with you and others. The Huhtala and Norri Family still keep in touch. Friends forever


Hannu Saarinen and You keep me in touch with Ismo Niemi and his Family and Hear of all of my former team mates and what they are doing.I have photographs of my old team mates forever.All those guys were like my Family. I still think of them And I love them all.Erkki Perttu was the best boss I ever had he trusted me to teach and He knew I could play. I wanted to leave a part of me with my team when I had to leave.Finland was great for me. Hannu Saarinen is over in the U.S near me and he call whenever he comes over.


I Still  Speak and read Finnish some. I like checking out what goes on in a country I love. Finland will always be dear to my heart. I am proud to be an American but I am proud of my Finnish Adoption.


After I left Finland I Became a High School Coach then I moved up to College Level to where I am Now. I am an elected Official of the Madison County School System for 23 years.


Tampere was such an easy place to be. I was almost like a finnish citizen Mr. Ronkonen from Stockmann gave me a job during the day to keep me from being bored and My Finnish language was getting better. When people saw I was trying to speak their language they were so kind and they taught me the right way. The City was so clean. I could have made Tampere my home If I was alone then. My Wife’s illness prompted me to come home and seek the type medical help she need for her rare blood disease. (sickle cell ).


I was so overjoyed  when I was told we won the Championship. It felt good to know that I was a part of that  first team that took a chance on an American player that would  plant the initial seeds for this to be so.


I feel that Jyrki Vuorenmaa  ,Ismo Niemi,Timo Harju,Pentti Kaivonen and JP Nieminen and All of my former team mates will always be a Pyrintolainen forever. God Bless Teuvo Tuominen, Rauno Nieminen, Arne Holopainen an Urho Nieminen Erkki Perttu and those guys who saw fit to make Basketball a premier Sport in the  Great Sport City of Tampere. My best to all my friends who helped me enjoy my stay in Finland and Keep the Pyrinto Dream alive with your youth programs .Teach fundamentals and you will always be on top/

Love and Peace Forever


I love Pyrinto  Basket and you can’t do anything about it. Thanks for the Uniform.

Clyde Alexanderia haastatteli JP Nieminen